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  • The Tiny Zoom4U is the latest is the line of EPP planes from Hacker and shows what can come in smaller packages. This size of model is now possible and affordable with the range of small motors from our collection as very reasonable prices. The model is similar in construction to the larger Sniper which has been a firm favourite as a dual purpose 3D/aerobatic machine. The Zoom4u is perfect for indoor flying by its size advantage and as a outdoor model by its robust construction.

    The total weight of the model can be as low as 170-190gms and at this weight will be a lively performer.

    The kit contents are fairly comprehensive and assembly is straight forward for the average modeller.

    Wingspan: 650 mm

    Length: 612 mm

    Weight: 180 g

    The ideal setup would be the Hyperion Z1705 on 2 cells, 1x 9gm , 2x 6gm Waypoint servo , light 4ch Rx , 10amp ESC , 350-600 2 cell lipo – to keep the AUW in check .